Membership Classes and Rates  2019

Membership Rates for new members in their first year are shown below:


The forms for the various classes can be seen by following the links below: from each page they can be downloaded as a PDFs. Please send your completed form by email, post or bring it to the office. Click this link for Contact Details:

Basic Classifications for Membership (Click on the appropriate section to see the form)

FULL ADULT MEMBER - Anyone between ages 18 and State Pension Age.

FAMILY / JOINT MEMBERSHIP - married, civil partnership or two co-habiting adults living at the same address, and 2 children under the age of ten.  

STUDENT MEMBERSHIP - being a member between the ages of 18 – 23 years. Need to provide copy of student identification annually.

SENIOR MEMBERSHIP - being a member who has attained the current state pension age and who has been a member for 10 years

CADET MEMBERSHIP - being a person, who, at the 1st December in each year, is at least ten years old and under the age of eighteen.  

OVERSEAS MEMBERSHIP – being a member who, because of changing circumstances has to reside outside the United Kingdom for a continuous period of twelve months or more,

SOCIAL MEMBERSHIP – Open to people who have retired from Sailing or are interested in supporting the Club.

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