Notice to all members.

From January 10th 2018, the till on the club bar will be set to charge the full prices of drinks. The members' discount of 20% will be applied on production of a 2018 membership card. This way we will all be subject to the same process, and non-members will not be able to benefit from the members' prices.

So, late payers of the membership subs (due now anyway), and non-members who have been around for so long everyone assumes they are members anyway, will still get their drinks, but at the full price until they join. And this will allow the bar staff to tighten up on the signing in rules.
The Directors have taken this decision for the benefit of all members, and hopefully the showing of our cards will not prove to be too much of a pain. The up to date list of members will be held behind the bar and Gwyneth and Trish are pretty good at remembering who has already shown their new cards.

For details of how to join our Club see this link

Sue James
Vice Commodore

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