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Can I remind club members that we need to plan for the running of Holyhead Sailing Club next year.
At our AGM on 25 th November, members will need to elect the committee to run the club. This time
around it is more complicated because immediately prior to the AGM, we will be having an EGM to
vote on whether to change the structure of the club from an unincorporated Members’ Club, to a
Community Interest Company, limited by guarantee.

Therefore, the Notice Board, which is always ‘up’ in the club bar during the month of August, calls for
nominations for the 2 possible outcomes at this EGM.

If we vote against becoming a Ltd Company then we will need officers plus a management
committee. On the Board, this is on the left hand side and headed as OPTION 1. If we vote to
become a Ltd Company, we will need Directors, and in order to give some continuity, the 3 flag
officers. This is on the right hand side of the Board and headed OPTION 2.

There is still [just] an opportunity for members to be proposed for the forthcoming year. It is quite a
challenge to try and get the club functioning for the best interests of all the members, while staying
financially sound, compliant with everything we have to do, and still moving forward with members’

Lots of you like a challenge.

Please consider standing. Names must be entered on the board by close of play on August 31st.
Signature of the proposer and seconder are needed. If your proposer/seconder are not able to
physically sign the board, Nigel Dennis (Commodore) and/or myself are happy to propose or second

Sue James
Rear Commodore

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