Mooring of Pipeline

Today, May 22nd 2018, an operation will commence that involves towing in two pipelines to the New Harbour.

The first (176 meters) will be towed in at 0800 this morning and moored up alongside Soldiers Quay.

The second (610 meters) will be towed in on Thursday and anchored at the following positions [see map below]:


(0053°19.4909N / 004°38.2194W Anchor 1 West end of pipe)  (053°19.4722N / 004°37.7947W Anchor 2 East end of pipe)

The pipelines are expected to remain within the New Harbour for approximately 6 weeks

The anchored pipeline will be marked with amber lights.

Mariners are advised that they should not pass between the Breakwater and the Northern Boundary Line.

Michael Coates

Assistant Harbour Master

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