On Saturday 23rd June Holyhead Sailing Club held one of the CRYC events in the 2018 series.

The club has worked hard over the years to provide facilities for the youth and cadet sailing participants and with the expansion of the club’s facilities for the yachting and keelboat classes following the downturn in March it was great to see this event so well prepared for and so many people, both from the club and the wider audience, involved on another wonderful day in Holyhead Harbour.

As a recognised RYA Training Centre we are proud of the work done with all the junior classes from Oppies up to the RS class and look forward to this becoming a regular event in Holyhead. Dwynwyn Evans, our Senior Instructor, said:

“The CYRC [at Holyhead Sailing Club] was really very successful with the RYA looking forward to working with the club in the near future.


Events like this really don't happen or work without volunteers and enthusiasm within the club and that shone through on Saturday.

This was obvious to all the visitors and Holyhead is now being recognised by many as being a great venue to hold events like this.”

So our thanks go to all those involved in the preparation and the running of the event; well done all!

Our mission as a Sailing Club is to get people onto the water and to promote their progress up the sailing ladder giving opportunities to young both locally and those from further afield to grow from Oppies to Offshores over their lifetime afloat.

For more details of Junior Sailing opportunities contact the club.

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