News Update 1

The Welsh rules apply to us.

Please to do not travel to Holyhead

Please do not come to the club.

However we will shortly be allowing My Way, a commercially registered fishing vessel, to use the mooring allocated to them. They will be using their own tender to gain access to the mooring and will then, when allowed, pick up their clients from the marina pontoons. This we have been assured does not contravene any regulations in force at this time. For the rest of us, with Recreational craft, we are still awaiting a change in the rules before we are allowed on the water. We want to stress that at this time the Club and all club activities remain under lockdown and you shouild not visit the club.



Our Bosun will continue to work - ALONE, to look after the club assets on behalf of us all. We have no launch in the water, but he is keeping an eye on the moorings, the club boats and the clubhouse. We are also actively planning how it may be safe to use our moorings later on if we are allowed to do so. We anticipate that we will need to introduce social distancing if the moorings are in use, and we ask you not to break rules on social distancing now if you see the bosun, because if it becomes impossible to comply then we will not be able to continue this work.

The office will respond to emails, and we will answer the phone on THURSDAYS only between 10 am and 1pm

We have taken the decision to refund 80% of the moorings fees to moorings holders, and this is currently being processed. Should we be allowed to launch boats, a pro-rata fee will be charged from the point of launching to the end of the season.

This is an unprecedented situation and the Directors are trying to protect the club so that we still have it once this is all over. 

Like everyone else, we are gutted at what is happening, and look forward to seeing you on the water at the earliest safe opportunity.


This is taken from the announcement from RYA Cymru Wales:

Following the UK Government announcement last night [Sunday, 10th May, 2020] on easing restrictions of lockdown, RYA Cymru Wales notes that watersports will be able to resume in England on Wednesday, 13th May 2020. RYA are waiting on further clarity on the level of boating that will be allowed in England ONLY. 

Welsh Government’s position [Announcement on Friday 8th May, 2020] hasn’t changed and therefore any boating activity, including access to boats, clubs, training centres, marinas, ports, harbours and inland waterways must remain suspended for now.

For further information see: RYA Cymru Wales


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