EU45 Anti Foul Member's Offer for 2020



Following the success of the Member’s Anti-foul Offer from the last 3 years where we got to the maximum discount rate we are hoping to reach the same heights with this year’s offer. 

For more information go to EU45 website

The positive feedback from members has continued through this year even with the extra warmth due to climate change encouraging more weed growth. I found that I had insufficient boot stripe layers, which allowed some green growth to appear just above the water line. These came off easily by brushing down the hull sides. Reminder to self put on more boot stripe coats! If you are interested here is a link to an YouTube video on how to set the line for your boot stripe

My experience along with others who have reported recently is that there was no weed, fronds or barnacles just the brown slime. It would appear therefore that even though we are in a “high fouling” area the EU45 has worked well and I can state that this was much better than previous experience with International’s Micron 2 and Blake’s Hempel Tiger Extra both of which I had used on Mikki Finn.





Provided we get to the 40+ tins order threshold the discount will be 37.44% so a price of  £64.99 per 2.5ltr tin. Please see the email from Stuart from EU45 below to see why there is a significant increase in price this year. However as explained it still keeps this product extremely competitive.

To help you to place your order for your EU45 for this year’s group discount bulk purchase please click this link to take you to the order form. On this form you can order your main colour number of tins and a boot stripe in white or dark blue. You will get 1/3rd of a tin of boot stripe antifoul which should be enough for most yachts. You can also order printer, thinners and an application pack which includes trays, rollers and masking tape. 

Collections from the bosun’s locker. 

All the tins were labelled and left in the locker for members to collect. A fair number of tins were left a long time and had to be moved to the Quarterdeck. This we don’t want to have to do this year. So please make sure you collect your antifoul as soon as possible after delivery, likely at the beginning of February 2020. 


Once we have received your order and the discounts have been confirmed you will receive your invoice; this will include a £5 contribution per order for the management of this club offer. Payment can be made by bank transfer to Holyhead Sailing Club Sort code: 09-02-22 account no: 10727009 (Santander) or by cash or card in the office.

Email from Stuart Robinson EU45 Ltd. 

Dear Members,

We would like to express our gratitude to your Club and Members for your orders and support over the years. Sales of EU45 Antifoul have continue to grow as word spreads about the excellent quality and value for money that EU45 represents, indeed our intention is to continue to offer the best quality antifoul available at the best possible price. In spite of this operating for EU45 and indeed all other Antifouling Paint manufacturers continues to be difficult.

Firstly Brexit, in common with all antifoul manufacturers the price we pay for our copper oxide and other essential ingredients is directly linked to the exchange rate between the US Dollar and the Pound Sterling. Uncertainty causing a constant fall in the value of the pound continues to increase costs of production. Lets hope it is all sorted out very soon !!!

Secondly, New EU Legislation relating to the sale and use of antifouling paints, which are classed as pesticides, came into force on the 1st of January 2018. To comply with this legislation we had to submit our product for extensive laboratory testing and utilise the professional services of consultants to prepare and present a dossier for the consideration of the relevant authorities. The costs to us, which had to be paid before the end of the year, were well in excess of 100,000 Euros. You may have noticed the products that did not successfully comply with these requirements have been compulsorily withdrawn from sale in the EU, including the UK. Most small antifoul manufacturers have now disappeared. Remaining products have increased in price. International Micron is now over £150.00 per

2.5 Ltr. We have no option but to reluctantly increase our retail RRP to £103.85 . That said we have reviewed discounts to your Club below. We believe EU45 still represents the best possible value for money on a top quality antifouling paint available anywhere.

Club Members Discounts are as follows:-

No of tins Ordered


Price per 2.5ltr tin

Order Under 10 cans


£79.99 (Internet Price)

Initial Order 10-19 cans



Initial Order 20-29 cans



Initial Order 30-39 cans



Initial Order 40+ cans



Prices include Carriage on all orders for 10 or more cans. Subsequent orders at minimum discount of initial order.


Once again thank you for your support and all the best for 2020

On Saturday afternoon 1st June Holyhead Sailing Club hosted a try-a-sail day for people interested in yacht sailing.

IMG 8271

The rain that blighted the morning cleared by 1pm and by the time we got out on the water the winds were just perfect – gentle enough to not be scary but plenty enough to fill our sails. Most of the try-a-sailors were novices with a few having a little prior experience. We sailed around the bay, one boat running some training drills for crewing with the try-a-sailors up on the rail, tacking around the boats in the harbour before heading out. The last boat cruised back in around 6pm.

A fun afternoon was had by all with some great feedback from both the sailors and the skippers. Thank you to all who took part. If you are interested in future try-a-sail days or any suggestions on promoting sailing please click on the button below to send an email and we’ll contact you with further opportunities for joining us here at Holyhead Sailing Club.




.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Race 2 - 2019-10-13

With the fleet reduced to 2 yachts for this race we agreed, with an Easterly 10 - 13kt wind, on a course of Start, Clipera (P), Bolivar(P), Meath(P), Clipera(S) and finish. However as the yachts arrived close to the start at the 5 minute warning the winds had dropped to 0!

It took more than the remaining time to the start for Passtime, closer to the wall and Flair IV to get over the line. 

Just after the start the wind started to fill in from the West as the showers started again and Flair in a slightly better position pulled ahead. Once out of the harbour the wind strength rose rapidly to around 19kt sailing on a downwind leg to Clipera. Before reaching Clipera the winds were now gusting 25 - 29kt and Passtime reefed her jib while flair had to reef her main to avoid rounded up to windward. The leg to Bolivar was a reech and speeds of 7.8kt recorded through the water on Flair. At bolivar Flair IV had a substantial lead as they tacked to return to Meath. 

It was evident the with these winds the race was going to be too short so it was agreed that a second visit to Bolivar

With thanks to Tony at Holyhead Lifeboat Station for forwarding this info.

Stena Line Ports Ltd January 2018
Holyhead Port Authority


A 30 foot vessel with super structure has sunk in Holyhead Marina.
Position: 53* 19” 219 N – 004*38*723 W
Mariners are advised that the sunken vessel shows at low water springs, and is just below the water on
At present there are buoys marking the wreck but nothing substantial at this time.
Mike Coates
Assistant Harbour Master
Port of Holyhead

On the west side of Anglesey there had been steady winds of around 10kt from 08:00 with wall to wall sunshine. We were looking forward to a great day out as our last long distance race of this year. At Holyhead 4 yachts were getting ready Shearwater, Jaydreamer, Moonraker and Flair IV and the winds were varying between 6 and 10kt. 

As race officer on Flair IV I started the class 2 yachts, Shearwater and Moonraker, at their start time of 10:10 giving me an opportunity to get most things organised before starting class 1, Jaydreamer and Flair IV.