A big Thank you to OOD Geraint and Jane for crewing good ship committee boat Colibra..

With Mally off driving his new car he kindly lent Colibra to OOD Geraint and timekeeper Jane to be committee boat.

The harbour was looking good with 10 Oppies - the N Wales squad out training.

Malcolm D stepped up to the mark by driving the windward mark and safety boat.
The windward mark was laid right outside the Marina café window much to the enjoyment of Cogger

who was suffering from a bad head cold enabling him to sup tea while watching the action and giving a running commentary to anybody who would listen.


Screen Shot 2016 12 17 at 20.11.09

With two 11 year olds having their first outing in a RS400 (it's a big step up from an oppy) it was an interesting triangular course.
OOD commen

t “why is Jamie in his full rig laser going up the beat with his centreboard up. Slow”.
The RS of Louis and Harry got line honours in the 16 min 24 second race with silver fox Ricardo in his Radial rig laser taking the bullet on corrected time.







Not certain but think we had a change of helm on the RS as it was wobbling all over the

place at the start.
Ricardo was first to the windward with the radial sandwich filler Jamie and then Craigie.
Ricardo covered Jamie who covered Craigie it was like synchronised sailing.
OOD comment “on rounding the committee boat to begin the second lap Jamie was going so fast he rammed Craigie twice up the backside having previously given him whiplash with his boom”.
Ricardo got the bullet in the 13 min 03 second race.


This race saw Dave S catching the RS at the top mark on starboard, the youngsters tacked to keep clear but when Dave tacked for the mark he rolled in to be the only capsize of the day causing much merriment and interest to the gathering crowd in the nice warm Marina café.
His day got worse when he got tangled up at the committee boat when rounding their stern.
That buoy on a rope is there to protect the committee boat so far this year Mike T, John B and Dave S have caught it.
Harry and Louis in 2 Oppies joined the fray but they retired after 1 lap.
Callum and Mathew another pair of youngsters tried out the RS and took line honours in 13 mins 46 seconds.
Ricardo took yet another bullet on corrected time.

Screen Shot 2016 12 17 at 20.11.51

Race 4.

Dave S had his best start and would have been first to the windward mark apart from being covered by the youngsters in the RS.
Just wait till they work out the spini thing!
Ricardo took line honours and the bullet in the 16 min 27 sec race.
As the boys sailed to the beach the silver fox went RS sailing with Jamie letting two Oppies to go lasering. They only came in when it was pitch black as they couldn't see where they were going.
Looks like daddy could be looking for a Laser at least or will they go straight into an RS.



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