Dinghy results Saturday 28th October 2017.

A big thank you to Jim and Bernie in oppy blue rib for providing safety cover

And Sue and Sion in club launch 2 for Mark laying boat. Without you guys it wouldn’t have been possible.


Race 1

With 4 lasers all deciding to use Radial sails the timing element for the finish was kindly removed from the proceedings. This was a wise decision as

port control was giving gusts of Force 7 at the end of the breakwater. The course was set from in front of the commodores shed on the prom and Cornish shrimper buoy F1. Windward-leeward 2 laps.

With a 321 go countdown Ricardo, the current Kestrel national champion no less, got stuck head to wind the wrong side of the pin end start boat with 20 seconds to go - allowing the laser pack to blast away from him. Dagger boards raised was the order of the day or you got blown flat in the gusts. Cragie couldn’t control himself down wind resulting in numerous capsizes. He decided to conserve his energy levels and retired from this race.

First to finish after a screaming run was Mike T, closely followed by Ricardo and then Cogger. With only 2 boat lengths between them all.


Cogger did one of his world famous Port fliers and lead from start to finish on the 2 lap race. Followed by Mike T, Ricardo then Cragie.


Mike T got hit by a monster gust just as he rounded the windward mark resulting in his boom end hitting the mark costing him the lead as he did his turn . Cogger also got blown flat here and Cragie just got flattened with a beautiful death roll to windward on the run.


Mike and Cragie headed for the beach as the wind increased causing white horses to form in-between the moorings. Cogger got stuck on the line allowing Ricardo to drive a bus through the gap to lead up the beat. However Cogger thought his luck had changed when Ricardo got laid flat mid tack at the last time to the windward mark. Ricardo just got it back and got to the finishing line 1 boat length in front.

results banner

Ricardo 7 points

Cogger 9 points

Mike T 10 points

Cragie 18 points

4 races 4 to count .

It was an expensive day for Ricardo with 2 pairs of sexy black dubarry boots from Yachtshop.

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