Sitting in the café looking out of the window with the rain bouncing in the puddles it looked like
another Saturday of dinghy racing would be binned.
Sue, Jim and Bernie were chomping at the bit to get on the water, the final pressure was seeing the
cadets rigging 420’s, then rain stopped and it was go go go.

Race 1.

5 Lasers rocked up and the cut and thrust began for the best position on the line with lots of up up
up being shouted.

This race will be remembered for Ricardo’s glorious capsize while trying to sail by the lee in the
choppy easterly wind waters.
First to the finish was Mike followed by Cogger and Gareth.

Race 2.

The starts were getting competitive with no room for error with a nasty chop building with the
increasing easterly wind.
This race’s entertainment was another glorious capsize, this time it was Craig trying to sail by the lee
right between Gareth and Cogger. How he missed Gareth’s deck we will never know.
First to the finish was Mike followed 3 seconds later by Cogger then 2 seconds later Ricardo.

Race 3.

Ricardo got to the line 5 seconds early, Craig rolled under him taking him up, Cogger rolled under
Craig taking them both up. Mike couldn’t get there and was buried.
Gareth thought it was all going well with lift after lift until his bench mark Ricardo had caught a
mooring line. Cogger and Gareth had a battle royale on the run with Big sail Gareth finally causing
Cogger to gybe feet from the finishing line and beating him by 1 second.
First to finish Gareth, Cogger then Craig; Gareth managed to beat Craig by 12 seconds but lost out to
Cogger on corrected time.

Race 4.

At the start Ricardo got forced the wrong side of the committee boat with Cogger getting pinned on
to the committee boat by Mike, who was then pinned himself by Gareth causing them both having
to go backwards to miss hitting it.
Even though you couldn’t feel your toes Mike wanted 2 Laps, funny enough he went to the beach
side of the beat on second lap and by magic took the lead. Gareth’s theory was that Mike took the
lead because the ships had left, the rest of us thought it might have more to do with age and fitness
levels as the fleet was knackered.
Mike, Ricardo and Gareth were the finishing order.
In the apres sail with biscuits supplied by Sue, Gareth and Ricardo it was decided by all present it was
a cracking start to 2018. Even baker Will the squib sailor was interested in joining the fray with his
parting comment “find me a fast one”.
Mike ended up with 7 points,
Cogger had 10 points,
Gareth had 13 points,
Craig and Ricardo ended up with 15.


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See you next Saturday 11am meet. First race 12, 4 races.

Report by Cogger. 

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