Sunday 2019-04-21

With a lot of activity on moorings and the welcome return of Houdini  to the waters of Holyhead we were hopeful of a few entries in the race on a beautiful day with Southerly 11kt to 17kt winds and wall to wall sunshine. However only the one new yacht to Holyhead, Shearwater, joined Flair IV for the afternoon race. The course was set to Clipera, Bolivar, Clipera Bolivar and finish giving a reach out of the harbour, a run down to Bloivar and then a windward leg back to Clipera.

A very polished start by both yachts saw Flair chase off into the lead flying her code 0 from the knuckle eastward. All was going well but as they passed Clipera the spinnaker preparations ran into difficulties. Meanwhile Shearwater had tacked away north with Flair running in close to the coastline before tacking downwind towards Bolivar. At the buoy Flair had a considerable lead but through continuing problems with the rigging she sailed without headsail for quite a way allowing Shearwater to close the gap and as the boats approached Clipera Shearwater took the lead. 





More and more problems on Flair IV allowed Shearwater to gain a considerable lead before Flair got her act together and started to pull back the gap and as they entered the harbour Flair IV caught Shearwater to take the lead two tacks from the finish. So a poor performance by Flair IV gave Shearwater an easy start to her season with a handicap win by some 24 minutes.









Sunday 2019-04-14

Our first offshore race of 2019 was held on 2019-04-14 with 2 boats entered; Flair IV and Hellhound. The results system handicaps have been updated to the latest NHC Handicap numbers. These races for offshores are what is called a tandem series allowing both NHC Variable handicapping and IRC fixed, measurement handicaps.

Since only one yacht, Flair IV is in the IRC class the IRC class is not valid for today’s race, just the NHC Class results are available.

The start time of 14:05 is set to miss the Irish and Stena Ferry departure times. The course today was from the start line passing Clipera to port then Bolivar to starboard coming back to Clipera passing to starboard then finish.  

Jim on Hellhound was sailing single handed and Flair had a crew of 5 with variable winds of 5kt to 15kt Flair was clearly at an advantage beyond her handicap with a 2 minute 20 second corrected lead at the finish.


As the yachts passed Clipera there was a spectator:






IMG 20190417 185050311OK Guys where are you all? Flair IV out again all on her own getting in more practice ready for when some other boat turns up to challenge her. The winds were light and variable with patches of wind and big areas of almost flat calm.  This was  perfect for Flair IV's crew to spend the evening working out sail performance on various different points of sail... 



























We were scheduled to go racing again this evening. Start 18:30 with a warning signal at 18:25


Hopefully we will have a few boats out this evening to take advantage of this wonderful pre Easter weather. Time to check out the light wind sails!

Winds light NE 9kt going E 10kt














Now we have a few boats on the moorings we will be running our 2019 April Wednesday evening race series. Our first race will be on Wednesday 10th April with a start time of 18:0 and wind forecast of 9kt NE so ideal for a windward start! Flair IV will be there come what may. 

We were hoping to have the new starting line organised with the white lines moved 170m east the breakwater but this hasn't happened yet. Our Draft Race Instructions are shown on this link [just remember that you have to be logged in to read this as it is only a draft at this time]: Sailing Instructions for Racing and our Notice of Race is on this link: NOR. These are awaiting confirmation by the Sailing Committee but since we're beginning to race we're posting these now, if anyone has any comments or suggested corrections then please do get intouch with Mark or Dawn. 

The course card for the offshores has been updated to cover more options and you will see that the list of Offshore Courses run from Quarterdeck includes a mark referred to as Coast. This is not yet available as there are problems with ensuring the stability of the anchoring at this point. Therefore the courses which include Coast (6,7,8, 9,12,13) are not valid at this time. Also we are advised that Penrhos mark is not in place at the moment. Courses have been shown with rounding Clipera to the shore side of the mark, this is to ensure rapid and perpendicular crossing of the Traffic Separation Scheme, these courses specifically refer to the comment in Clause 10 of the Sailing Instructions for Racing.

Please remember that there is a requirement for a current IRC Certificates for those wanting to enter the IRC class in the racing results. So far we only have 3 boats registered with current certificates. It would be good to have the rest asap so that they can be updated in the results system. The NHC listings will be re-started from the beginning of this season too. 

Come on yachties lets see you on the water!


Here is the Notice of Race for the 2019 Round Anglesey Race. Lets make sure that this year's race is a really big event. Under Item 6 you will see the following: "There will be provision for the PY class to finish in Holyhead." More details on this will be available later... 

Follow this link to display and download the Entry Form

Sunday 30th September 2018

On the last day of September 2 yachts turned out to face a challenging WNW gusty wind with broken cloud following the passing of a weather front. The start was delayed again for 10 minutes from 14:30 to allow for the traffic situation on the A55 for the crew members travelling from the mainland.

Rhumbull with 3 on board and Flair with 6 set off on a broad reach with Rhumbull flying her asymmetric shortly after the start but at the knuckle the apparent wind went forward of the mast and the spinnaker proved too problematic as she got into the very flaky winds at the knuckle. Flair IV powered away with her no 2 and 2 reefs in the main on the leg to the first mark, Bolivar averaging over 7.3kt. Whenever Rhubull’s spinnaker filled she accelerated rapidly but taking a much deeper line than Flair, finally dropping the spinnaker as she left the harbour.