Race 4 26th July 2017

A brilliant start by Lily saw her first to the nuckle where her spinnaker hoist keept her ahead of the fleet all the way to Bolivar in F4 to F5 southwesterly winds. From Bolivar Houdini, as usual, made better to windward in strengthening winds and overtook Lily while Just Enough, with her reefed main, battled to overhaul Lily. Lily slowed to put in a reef on her main allowing Just Enough to get well clear. Incantation and Carpe Diem were having their usual dual and Flying Dragon was catching up to Lily; eventually overtaking her on the leg from Penrhos to Clipera. On this penultimate leg a major storm was developing with a huge dark cloud mass moving from west to east across the bay with thunder and lightning in the distance. Wind speeds suddenly increased and as Lily attempted to reef her genoa it split along a seam forcing her to retire and motor in head on into the harbour. Just Enough had similar problems and also retired.

Flying Dragon, Vision and Incantation all retired leaving only Carpe Diem to follow Houdini over the finish line.

Following the race we assembled for food in the Marina Cafe as the Club Restaurnat is being prepared for the new caterer to take over. I would like to thank the Marina Cafe and Sue James for arranging this, it was most welcome after the eventful evening on the water...

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Congratulations go to Tony on Carpe Diem winner of the NHC series and David and Helen on Houdini winner of the IRC series.

Race 3 July 19th 2017

6 yachts took part but I wasn't there so I am afraid there is no report....

Race 2 July 12th 2017

Again this week saw very light NE winds forecast leaving OOD Wendy Argyle very little option on courses. Race 1 was chosen and in beautiful weather the yachts assembled for the start with our biggest fleet so far this year. 

There were a few areas with very little wind on the starting side of the line as the yachts milled around the moored boats preparing for the start. Most of the wind seemed to be at the southern end of the line and there was a very close start with Just Enough and Lily almost touching in the final minute to the start. Houdini Just Enough and Madam Wen got away well with Lily and Just Jay just behind.

Across the harbour on a fetch towards the Aluminium Jetty the winds were showing around 5 to 6 kt of apparent wind giving Just Jay the opportunity to undertake Houdini to lead out towards Clipera. With boat speeds of around 2 to 3.5 kt the leg to Meath seemed very long! Madam Wen was the first to tack away onto starboard while the three yachts ahead kept on port tack, this gamble seemed to pay off with slightly better winds out towards Clipera. Lily followed Madam Wen and only just kept ahead of Incantation on port tack at the entrance to the harbour but the winds were getting even less and she fell behind both Madam Wen and Incantation as she eventually rounded Meath. 

The run to Clipera should have been a downwind leg but with the flood tide and the lack of wind the spinnakers were all setting on a reach. Lily almost caught Incantation as they rounded Clipera and very shortly after with her lightweight spinnaker she overtook. The leading yachts were all being pushed heavily south as they sailed across the traffic separation area and into the harbour but Lily managed to stay further north and managed to head the fleet for a short time before the wind filled in a little on the approach to the finish line with Just Jay storming in from the shore side and Houdini following her in. The finish was one of the closest yet for a Wednesday night, another great, but very slow and technical night's sailing at HolyMed!


Race 1 July 5th 2017

With light winds forecast for the first race of this series Wendy, OOD, discussed over the radio the options for a suitable course for the race. Tony suggested Start, Meath, Clipera, IDM to be sailed twice unless time constraints required the race to be shortened. 

With Pipedreamer away for the Lyver Regatta in Dun Laoghaire and Just Jay not racing the 6 yachts for this eventset off with Houding and Lily short on crew. However the start was competitive with Lily getting away mid line ahead of the fleet, chased by Houdini and Madam Wen. By the end of the breakwater Houdini with her superior windward capabilities had taken the lead with Madam Wen going to leward of Lily trying to maintain progress with her code zero flying. Lily taked early to gain the advantage of the incoming tide to push her towards Meath and re-took 2nd place but could not catch Houdini. The next leg  was a broad reach before Houdini raised her spinnaker after rounding Clipera, Lily, with a total crew of two, decided to remain on white sails and was overtaken by Madam Wen again as they entered the harbour flying her spinnaker. The battle between Incantation and Carpe Diem for 3rd place continued with Incantation using her spinnaker pole to set her genoa in the light winds. There was a question raised if this was strictly legal, a question for the sailing committee.... 

It was good to see Vision out again but she retired due to insufficient progress being made in the light winds.


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