Sunday 26th November

Race results are ready! No report as yet as I was unable to take part... 

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Sunday 19th November

With winds gradually building from the mid morning flat calm the race start at 1400hrs saw 4 yachts mustering for position. Just Jay

and Just Enough managed to lead the field away with Pipedreamer VI and Lily bringing up the rear. Lily with a reduced crew struggled to get her spinnaker hoisted early enough to gain any advantage over Pipedreamer as they sailed out of the harbour on the first leg to Bolivar.

After rounding the end of the breakwater all three leading yachts with their asymmetric spinnakers sailed toward Clipera but Lily flying her large symmetric laid off dead downwind and watched Just Enough and Pipedreamer cross just in front of her

as they tacked downwind. Just Jay had retained a course across to the eastern side of the bay before gybing to lay the mark.

At Bolivar Just Jay had a good lead with Just Enough rounding just ahead of Pipedreamer and Lily not too far behind. However Lily had a problem again with her roller furler catching the spinnaker halyard and lost time re-furling and unfurling the sail. The course to Clipera before Penrhos saw all the yachts go for different tracks but the order remained the same as they rounded Clipera and set off to Penrhos. The two J’s made much better progress on this leg and both had a significant advantage as they raised spinnakers at Penrhos on the leg back to Clipera.

Lily crew accepting defeat as they race into the harbour

From Clipera the yachts made for the finish line with the order remaining the same and over the water Just Jay had a 4 minute over Just Enough with Pipedreamer and Lily within 6 seconds of each other, on corrected time.


IRC.pngNHC Results.png

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