Notice of Race - 2018-05-16

During the last week we have seen the return of 3 more of our racing fleet; welcome back one and all! Following the losses on March 2nd 2018 we now have 3 new yachts contesting at the club: Rumbull, Phil Livingston’s yacht, Jetstream, Nigel Ingram’s yacht and Flair IV, Mark Rosenthal’s yacht all ready to race! We are planning hold our first Wednesday race of 2018 this coming week with a normal start time of 18:30.

If you intend to take part please let us know as soon as possible but remember to check out the latest HOLYHEAD LOCAL NOTICE TO MARINERS - currently the latest is 6/2018 which determines the areas we are advised against entering.

Last minute amendments are being made to our SI’s. These will be posted asap.

Our course card, mark coordinates can be found on this link: Course Card

Current Weather Forecasts and other useful information is available on this link; Useful Information

Low Water 17:46 Wind direction N 12kt


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