Woodwind 20160917

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Six yachts signed up for the race with a late entry on the Saturday morning.

  1. Hierro
  2. Houdini
  3. Incantation
  4. Just Enough
  5. Lily
  6. Pipedreamer IV
  7. Woodwind

On arrival at the club for the briefing at 10:00 there

was very little wind and alternative race strategies were discussed. It was decided to attempt the race but to allow for a shrter course with a virtual mark to be defined if it became apparent that the yachts would not get to the fairway buoy and back in a reasonable time. 

Lily was to arrange the start sequence on Channel 80 but it was apparent that her radio did not transmit on channel 80 so we switched back to channel 37. Due to the issue on channel 80 I then confused myself so much that I made a bit of a mess of the start and re-set the timing for a start at 11:10. This atually worked well as on calling Harbour Control one of the ferries was due in and with the delayed start we were clear of the ferry once we got to the breakwater mark. 

Lily 20160917At the start the wind was about 6kt - 8kt from the NNW, Pipedreamer and, Hierro and Just Enough got good starts with Lily having to follow Incantation off the line with Woodwind giving Houdini all her bad wind. At the end of the breakwater Pipedreamer was well ahead with Hierro second and Lily in third. Hierro struck out on port tack going a long way off the wall but Lily took advantage here and tacked early moving into second place. Just Enough and Houdini battling hard to try and catch up. As we approached the Stacks the currents were running strongly with some pretty choppy water and a strngthening wind. However this didn't last long and the winds reduced as we turned south and headed for Llanddwyn. Lily and Just Enough were running neck and neck for quite a while but Just Enough managed to get ahead as the yachts passed down towards Traddur Bay. Houdini retired and sailed into the bay while the others battled manfully on in glorious sunshine and a light breeze with cruising shutes, asymmetric and symmetric spinnakers flying showing a multitude of colours. 

Choppy waters off North Stack
Choppy waters off North Stack








As we approached Rhoscolyn it was evident that we should shorten the course and a virtual waypoint was announced down by "The Church in the Sea". A few problems with dowsing the spinnaker on Lily forced her to sail som 0.4Nm past the waypoint; with both Incantation and Woodwind sailing past the waypoint too Hierro, who was not flying a kite, moved up to 4th place over the water.





Ooops missed the waypoint






 On the return leg with a steady breeze around 10kt the yachts sailed into the bays to catch the eddies. As they sailed up past Rhosneigr the yachts tacked several times to keep inshore on the approach to Rhoscolyn and then back into Treaddur Bay. Pipedreamer was well ahead with Just Enough second and Lily making a decision, as the tide eased to tack out early to clear the headland beyond Porth Dafarch. The wind was now dropping, as had been forecast, leaving the yachts being pushed by the tide around the Stacks, eventually Pipedreamer retired as she was stuck in the bay between South and North Stacks, Lily was doing uncontrolled 360 degrees without any steerage at all, Ken on Incantation reporting the same occurrence. With everybody drifting around aimlessly it was decided to abandon the race. A slightly disappointing end to a great day's sail.

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