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To enable you to take part in the ISORA and other external races in 2018 on the IRC Handicap Rating system you have to have a current IRC Certificate.Here's how to get your 2018 IRC Certificate

Remember within the club events we run two handicapping systems, NHC, The National Handicap System for Cruisers and IRC, International Racing Certificate. These are called Tandem Races and score each entry on the two different systems, if they qualify. 

The Sailing Committee met last week and are looking at ways to encourage more yachties to join in the club racing.... More on this later.


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Tonight's race is cancelled due to poor weather.

We are intending to run a race on Sunday Morning with a 10:30 start.... Lily and Just J entering anyone else planning to join in, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.?  Sunday's weather forecast showing SSW F2 - F3 and SUNSHINE!

Race 3

The series continued with the race on 21st with just 3 entries: Just J, Just Enough and Lily. Mixing crew was the order of the day with Paul Sutton guesting on Just Enough due to lack of crew for Pipedreamer and Kim Argyle guesting on Lily due to Ken Naylor's absence for the last two races of the season. 

The wind was SW average 11kt gusting 19kt and all three boats got a reasonable start, Lily struggling to get off the mooring early enough to sort out everything and get into position. Just J ran close to the wall while Just Enough played their spinnakers to a varying degree of success from a wider angle on starboard. Course 2 had been selected for the race by Race Officer Wendy Argyle and at the first mark, Clipera, Just J lead with Just enough in second and Lily 3rd. This was the order all the way to the finish with Just J pulling out a significant lead, enough to win on IRC but not quite on the NHC. 

Another very enjoyable evening of racing at the club. 

Race 2

After a disappointing start to the series on th 7th September the race on the 14th got off to s slow start with an Easterly 6kt wind. 6 Entries made the start with all the yachts on Starboard tack heading towards the knuckle. Lily was first to tack to get an advantage of the wind in the middle of the harbour with Just Enough following suit. Just J, Pipedreamer and Houdini managed to clear the wall and the breakwater mark without tacking. 

Lily had caught up with Houdini by the Breakwater mark but failed to overtake and the two leading boats, Just J and Pipedreamer had a good lead before we reached Meath. Incantation got caught by the arrival of the ferry and had to tack. The order remained the same through to the finish but the handicap results made interesting reading!


This is a link to the Wiki on the RRS. It is an article full of simple explanations about the complexities of the actual RRS.


Woodwind 20160917

More Photos to follow

Six yachts signed up for the race with a late entry on the Saturday morning.

  1. Hierro
  2. Houdini
  3. Incantation
  4. Just Enough
  5. Lily
  6. Pipedreamer IV
  7. Woodwind

On arrival at the club for the briefing at 10:00 there