Squib report Sunday 21st August 2016 .

The start was delayed to allow the wind to die down after the force 10 of Friday and Saturday. Sunday afternoon went down to force 5 gusting 6 and the course was set pathfinder by north west, Borth, Clippera, Borth, north west, Borth to finish. Craigie was pathfinder with everybody really close at the windward Mark.

Alkypops had problems on the run having to repack the the spinnaker causing them to drop back to last.There were some lovely surfs down the waves in the gusty conditions at the end of the breakwater. On the beat Patriot suddenly lost 15 degrees caused by their main sheet jammer deciding to part company with the boat. Their race was over so they decided to retire. Mandarin were going like a train all down to the extra shackle on their jib.

Alkypops retook the lead at the next windward mark after a cracking beat. However the smile was soon changed by a radio call at the bottom mark “all marks to starboard”. They had rounded it to “port”. Bobonski retook the lead closely followed Mandrin.

On the final blast to the finishing line Alkipops hoisted their spinnaker but it was too close and so broached a few times to the line .To make it worse Bobonski’s GoPro was on to record it. If Craig had charged the battery .

Watch this space .

1st Bobonski Craig Cogger,

2nd Alkipops Gareth Steve M,

3rd Mandrin Dave Adrian ,

4th Patriot Pat Dave S .

Next race Wednesday evening .

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